Only the best is good enough for us. The vineyards and sites are selected first for certain qualities, including aspect, climate, slope and age of the vines, as the all these contribute to the style of the various cultivars. Our grapes are hand-picked into picking crates, after which it is transported to the winery. Once in the winery, the grapes get hand-sorted to ensure green grapes are left behind, and no other materials will be allowed through in order to ensure quality.

In order for us to optimally extract our flavours from our red grapes, we cold soak our grapes for 4-6 days, or until it starts fermenting naturally. Wild fermentation is commonly used in the winery, which ensures the wines become more complex and flavoursome. After fermentation is completed, the must will be transferred to French Oak barrels for malo-lactic fermentation (MLF). After MLF is completed, the wines are racked of the lees, barrels are cleaned and wine is once more transferred to barrel for maturation for between 16-24 months.